The Guild of adventurers

Enter the brotherhood of adventurers, hire beings of all races, professions, schools and dogmas. Create your company, equip it by buying objects, weapons, protections, and all kinds of gadgets, spell books, scrolls, pets and relatives.

Each company has a leader, turn that leader into a legend!

Enter the Dungeon

When you feel ready, enter the DungeonDome. 

The magical dungeon simulator where you can face enemies, find equipment and treasures and eventually, die. Die forever, yes.

Earn fame in the DungeonDome, make a name, improve and convert your company in the fashion group in Newport!

Fight in the Arena!

And when you have enougt equipment and fame... Enter the Arena!

Fight against other companies, earn incredible bags of money, gain more fame and recognition and confront the best of the best. Enjoy the feeling of fighting at the highest level while being watched by thousands of spectators.

But never forget, you only have one life ... an opportunity to achieve glory!

Blockchain & Interoperability

Content generation system based on Blockchain technology. Non Fungible Tokens ERC-1155.

Each object, each weapon, each character, each company, is an ERC-1155 token that will be stored in your virtual wallet. Trade your tokens with other players, buy and sell inside and outside the game.

And prepare for the future with the new Standards, capitalize your time with Interoperability, use the objects or characters that you have won in the DungeonDome, in other affiliated games.

Procedural generation

Welcome to the future of the procedural content generation.

Objects, characters, companies, Dungeons, even puzzles and narratives are generated procedurally.

You will never fight twice in the same Dungeon.

However, the generation algorithm will allow you to modulate the generation parameters. More combats? more puzzles? more narrative? more traps? as you wish...

The GamEbling

Ranks, tables, tops, best ofs ... if you like statistics, welcome to paradise.

Everything you need to be able to make your projections in the great Arena.

All this plus a complete smartmaching algorithm with a secret decalogue that only 2 people in the world know.

The Nirvana of online bets for lovers of epic fantasy (and Dungeons...)

Art "pirates" crew

Our team has great artists who have previously worked in studios such as Digital Legends, Ubisoft or Arhat Games.

We also have a promising quarry, selecting the best artists of the Modeling and 3D art degrees from prestigious faculties such as ENTI or CEV.

* Ben Xie is the 3D character artist in Dungeondome. Specialized in AAA graphics, he has studied the career of Videogames, animation and VFX in CEV-BCN

* Marcos Nogue is the Art Director of Dungeon Dome. Professor and coordinator of Bachelor's 3D degree in CEV and Senior 3D artist in a major international videogame studio

Design & Management "British Lords" club

* Joan Josep Pons López is the creative director of the DungeonDome, game design professor at the ENTI-UB and the CITM-UPC. Joan is also the creative director of Arhat Games and is currently preparing a PhD in Blockchain games and emergent and procedural Narrative.

* Sergi Pérez, works as a Game Designer in the DungeonDome. He has studied the degree of Design and Development of videogames at CITM-UPC.

* David López is the executive director of Dungeon Dome. David holds this same position in L'Espirall de Llum from 2003 and  at HADO Water & Energy Solutions from 2011 to 2016. He is currently engaged in asset management, investment and trading in different markets such as Stcock, Metals and Cryptocurrency.

Development "Brotherhood" Gang

In our development team we have the first lances of each new promotion coming from faculties such as the CITM (Center for Image and Multimedia Technology) of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, as well as established programmers, who often give classes in said centers.

Iban Mas is in charge of programming, graduated in Design and Development of video games at the CITM-UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia.) He has experience in major companies in the sector such as King and Digital Legends in which he currently works as a designer.

Pau Bonet is the Producer and UI programmer of Dungeon Dome. He works as Unity 3D Developer at Starloop Studios SL, has studied the "Design and development of Video games" at the CITM (UPC).